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Michael Benveniste wrote:

olindacat wrote:

So I went to a nearby camera shot and grabbed an AF-S 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 VR G for $230 used. I have shot a 104-page book with it and my 24-70, and am glad to have it, but will say the bokeh on the 70-300 isn't up to the same standard as my 24-70 f/2.8 G, and I had thought the length might've given me even a softer look, but I guess the glass just isn't up to the task, given its price.

I’m not sure what you are looking for — more background “blur” or better rendition of that blur. Correctly or not, people use the term ‘bokeh’ to mean either. The former requires a wider aperture — the latter depends on things such as spherical aberration corrections.

The original 70-300mm G was unexceptional in both regards.

Technique-wise, I found myself struggling to freeze a golf ball to the point where I could see the dimples, logo, etc. on a moving ball. I have seen some shots at 1/10000th, but have never shot anything at that speed.

dpreview will show a shutter speed of 1/10,000 when the EXIF information has been stripped. That’s far more common than use of that shutter speed — I don’t own a camera capable of that speed.

I do wonder about the value of seeing dimples on a “moving” golf ball, but it’s your gear, your money, and your time. Good luck on the quest!

Thanks. I am not as good as I wish, and reply a lot on luck, and do pray and pray. That said, I shoot with intent, like most here. The unexceptional lens I now have is okay. I can probably tune it to eradicate the foot focus, but probably am limited with it.

There is no tangible value in a dimple. It is more about intimacy. I am trying to tell a story sometimes, with my images, aren't we all? In golf, the target, the ball, the clubface, the eyes, the blades of gras, the clouds, shadows... all have a role in stories.

I have literally stood in pro shots making a model try on different pairs of shoes knowing what I wanted out on some hole a mile away. IIt doesn't always work out, but knowing I can get a tack sharp golf ball is just one nice thing to have in my arsenal. I suspect I lack the technique, in terms of shutter speed, as I have always shot very little action, and know of others who do it regularly, and are able to get that. Unfortunately, they are not people I know well enough to cold call and ask. Hence my questions here.

In terms of bokeh, I want subject isolation. The blur gives the eyes, expression, ball, whatever more contrast.

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