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Okay so my first pro body was D3x and i was so amazed how sturdy and rugged camera was. I never touched other pro body before it, but i thought other new cameras in pro section were the same quality (d4, d5, canon 1dx etc). Few months ago at friends place i played with canon 1ds and it was pretty much the same quality as my d3x. To cut story short, he ordered used canon 1dx mark ii, bcs we heard lot of good things about it. But first things we noticed was that plastics all over the camera felt cheap and brittle compared to older series. Note that everything on camera worked perfectly it was incredibly fast and snappy but it felt much more plasticky and cheap compared to old "tanks" it was heavy tho but that was it...

Am i imagining all of this or is quality of cameras slowly degrading so that companies can save some money on build quality? Or what the hell is going on and why would quality drop

Yes, there was a time when big size, big weight, metal or mag/alloy bodies built like tanks were considered premium feeling cameras.  And, I also saw the change from heavy metal to soft plastic or composite materials as a form of lower quality.  But, my perspectives changed over the decades.

You are correct, almost all new cutting edge cameras today are made of composite and mag/alloy bodies, not full metal jackets like the old film cameras.  And, over time, I found that less bulk cameras were as good if not better than the old way of premium quality.

If you like big, check out the Lumix S series cameras, they have the premium feel, and all the new cutting edge tech built right into the camera.

The thing is, all cameras regardless of price and flagship status has pros and cons.  And those pros and cons are different across brands and cameras.  The only way to really know if they are worth the cost, is to rent or borrow them, spend some time with them,  Learn the features, and push them to the limits to see if they are as cheap or low quality.  Or, to make it simple, stick to the brand that is most popular.

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