What do you want in 5DV?

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Re: What do you want in 5DV?

KLO82 wrote:

Compared to 5DIV, I would like to see:

  • larger viewfinder
  • more AF area coverage (if that is physically possible for a Canon FF DSLR)
  • ability to detect face under selected AF zone in Zone AF method (like R)
  • better AF tracking over the frame, that is better auto AF point switching
  • ability to select AF point with touch LCD when shooting through VF (like R)
  • much better/intelligent Auto Lighting Optimizer
  • ISOless sensor

What would you like?

I wonder if the CF slot will go away in the 5D5. Though I like the larger CF card for its easier handling, the price per GB is far, far, far higher than price the per GB for SD and microSD. For that reason alone, I'm not investing in any more CF cards for my 5D4.

I'd like to see a flippy screen on a strong, robust mount that can flip both up and down. There are times when I'm shooting in a crowd and have to hold the camera above my head. And, of course, also flipping sideways so I can be in a photo or video and see the framing simultaneously.

I make large prints, often 40 x 60 inches, so I would welcome more pixels. I'm aware that many are not interested in this.

Someone is going to suggest adding Alexa-like voice control of the camera — but it's certainly not going to be me...

Easier Wi-Fi setup would be welcome.

And who doesn't want improved dynamic range along with the next advance in high-ISO performance.

Finally, a way to correct photographers' stupidity would be nice, too. I've seen many people shoot panos, but forget to go into full Manual exposure mode or fail to lock down WB. Assembling a pano where each frame is exposed differently and has a different WB is next to impossible — if you care about attaining the highest-quality result possible. A pano button? I don't know.

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