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threw the lens wrote:

bolt2014 wrote:

Not a valid comparison. Many pre-digital cameras are still around and working after 50 years. How many current digital cameras will still be working after that time comparison?

Nobody's even mentioned tin whiskers and the use of inferior solder due to EU legislation yet.

Tin whiskers aren't something most people know about.  When the European politics decided that metallic lead in solder was dangerous, they forgot that there are hundreds of millions cars with batteries full of lead oxyde, which is more readily absorbed in the food chain than metallic lead.

When Bell labs formulated the tin-lead solder back in the day, they knew what they were doing.  They knew about tin alpha to beta transform.  We lost the knowledge over time and returned to middle-age again.  And once more, people not competent in the field took the wrong decision.

You know that aeronautics, astronautics, military and medical is non RoHS areas.  When it's serious, let's use what was formulated in the forties and fifties when competent engineers were still taking the technical decisions.



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