Z6 kit eBay listing $2,049 plus taxes.. too good to be true?

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Nikon uses UPP, not MAP

Horshack wrote:

Like all Nikon USA dealers, Adorama doesn't advertise or list Nikon gear below MAP.

Tiny point, but just for reference: Nikon USA no longer has an MAP policy or price. MAP is the old, weaker price maintenance system.

Nikon USA now has what is known as a Unilateral Pricing Program (or policy), or UPP. It's also often just called unilateral pricing. This is a stronger minimum price maintenance system. So Nikon dealers in the U.S. are not allowed to sell below the UPP price, or unilateral price.

As far as I can tell, only Canon is still using the old MAP system. Sony uses unilateral pricing. They were the first to adopt it when it was ruled no longer per se (i.e. in all cases) illegal in 2007. But Sony was doing it illegally for decades before that (as many manufacturers did; it was not successfully challenged or prosecuted all that often).

I believe Ricoh (Pentax) and Olympus both moved to it a few years ago, and although I haven't heard directly about Panasonic, I'd be amazed if they aren't using UPP as well.

It has become pervasive in other industries as well. A very wide swath of the American retail landscape is now governed by unilateral pricing. It was even the subject of a mini revolt against federal jurisprudence by the state of Utah a few years ago in relation to the contact lens industry. (1-800-Contacts is headquartered in Utah). You can Google that very interesting dispute, if you're at all curious about such things.

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