Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Like other suggested, I use SD Cards for backup. However, I do it a bit differently. I have a tablet with a 256GB SD Card in it and simply copy my camera cards to it. Thus, my tablet becomes my backup device and I can review/share my photos fairly easily. My camera cards are pretty big (64GB) and I just leave them in the camera. I use my tablet while traveling (maps, social media, general internet stuff,...) so it's no extra weight/volume. I take a card reader that plugs into the tablet's USB port but usually I just use USB from the camera to the tablet.


Most people have some kind of laptop/tablet/etc when they travel now to be online to check on things. Some laptops have built in SD card slot/reader. If not, get an tiny external one.

I would just copy everything from the camera to the laptop or what-have-you and store the card away. Don't reuse the card during the trip!

Yes, it's not difficult to back up onto a computer of some sort, the trick is how to do it when you don't want to lug a computer around when traveling..

Yup. That's why I use a 7" tablet. It's relatively old but takes minimal space and weighs 9 oz. I travel with it anyway and the only thing extra I need is an OTG adapter since the cameras use the same USB cord as my phone.

What I don't get is why people want to solve the backup problem with bulky, heavy, power hungry bricks that require a bunch of attachments and a workflow of their own. I travel a lot and am always looking to cut down on the number of things I travel with, not increase them. That's why my backup body is the same as my main camera - one charger not 2, fewer accessories and zooms not primes.  Oh well, everyone is different.

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