Z6 kit eBay listing $2,049 plus taxes.. too good to be true?

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correct; Nikon USA, and from authorized dealer

Horshack wrote:

Nikon USA warranty coverage requires a dated receipt in your name (since their warranties aren't transferable) directly from a Nikon USA authorized dealer.

Yes, two conditions must be met for the U.S. warranty to be valid at the sale:

1. It must be a Nikon USA camera (in the past, that has meant a Nikon USA warranty card in the box, but I'm not 100% sure that's still true).

2. It must be sold by a dealer authorized by Nikon USA.

If #1 is not true, Nikon USA essentially will not touch the camera.

If #2 is not true, it may be possible to get Nikon USA to cover the camera anyway, if you're persistent and reasonable in your requests. Nikon USA is not technically obligated to cover it, but it's a much less serious problem in their eyes (they'll never admit that).

If anyone is wondering how #2 can happen, it's easy. Retailers can and sometimes do sell to each other or make swaps. So an authorized Nikon USA dealer could sell a Z6 to another camera store that is not authorized, or swap it for something they want but aren't authorized to buy. They're not supposed to, but Nikon USA can't enforce that rule very well, and has never tried, to my knowledge. Another occasional occurrence is that camera stores go out of business and their inventory goes on the auction block.

All that said, I'll be somewhat surprised if the OP doesn't get a gray market camera.

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