GFX 100 supply?

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Re: GFX 100 supply?


$20 for one side, $26 for both sides. Max print is 12x17". We charge a little less than most as we're a stand-alone shop and not in a mall where so many of these printers are found.

Usually, of course, folks don't want a max print. And, there is some text above and below the image. Car clubs, racing teams, folks like that. A large back print and a 4" left chest medallion is common.

And, I can drive this with my Df and so not *need* medium format. It was why I got the Df last October as my venerable Kodak 760c (Nikon F5 with digital back) wasn't really quite enough at 6 MP for even landscape orientation. The 16 MP Kodak Pro Back on a Contax 645 wasn't right either, with the square aspect ratio. By the time I cropped the image to fit, it wasn't really any better than the 760....

So, now that the Contax rig has been passed on, I have been eyeballing the 50s. And, that used market will directly correspond to how the 100 does. Hence my reading the mail around this forum.

As I say, I don't *need* medium format, but we know that *need* isn't quite the entire story.


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