A Medley of Form ... *Macro Pictures

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A Medley of Form ... *Macro Pictures

… out and about and on the move.

Passing emergent form, as real as yesterday, hold no sway.

Beyond what is believed, or is simply unavoidable.

Past the odd collision, debris trails fade, let go.

Nothing is as it seems, way down.

Beyond (any) form.

Naturally …

Night time is best time to catch a fly, though they do fly away if disturbed enough.

Prehistoric creature, a shield-bug sucking on a vein – in a leaf. How they eat and drink.

Ant out looking for food, as they do around the outdoor table.

Until he reaches the top, nowhere left to go, and stands there looking out. What we do …

Moth form, resting on the pawpaw tree in the garden.

Ole blue eyes, have seen him signal another with those white socked front feet, waving in the air like flags. Over here, let’s be mates a while …


Racing red and black, two colours of danger, or cause for alarm perhaps.

I came across this wasp hanging on for dear life. Perhaps it is deformed, the ovipositor and sheath turned about and misaligned, looks like.

But she’s showing no signs of distress for it, just doing her best as she is, as I see it. Getting on with her life as it is.

Then she let go and flew to the grass nearby.

Hello, hello, hello … up close with a wasp the colour of ferocity, or fear.

I’ve never met a natural creature that was aggressive without cause.

This wasp is clearly not doing her usual, and looks unusual, but still full of life.

Let go the hard iron to the green grass, she does not give up, regardless of her apparent burden of form.

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