Last Canon camera models with RAW files that can be opened by PhotoShop 6 Camera RAW?

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Re: Last Canon camera models with RAW files that can be opened by PhotoShop 6 Camera RAW?

Julia Schott wrote:

Daverich04 wrote:

CS6 will open RAW files directly from my 5D MK II but I can’t imagine using an old camera simply to keep using CS6. I use Adobe’s DNG converter with my 5D MK IV and Panasonic GX8 RAW files and ACR treats the DNG’s exactly as if they were the ordinal RAW files. Adobe updates DNG Converter at the same time they upgrade Lightroom and Photoshop CC. I’m planning on using CS6 with the latest and greatest cameras right up until Apple breaks it with an OS upgrade. And maybe past then.

Oh. I'll give it another try. I recall trying recently and there was something about DNG that was less than satisfying.

I will NEVER pay Adobe a monthly fee. No way. No how. Enough is enough. Subscriptions everywhere. I'm still using Win7, Office 2003/2010, etc. Won't get suckered into this subscription extortion business.

"The 100% price bump came as a surprise to many users and PetaPixel was able to confirm the change with Adobe. The $10/month price for the Photography package dates back to 2013 and was very popular."

$20 a month now. Right. What next? $50 a month? Bet on it.

but then again you have DPP canon's included software when you purchase your canon camera, including free upgrades i have been using this software since i purchased my 5D in 2006 and never looked back. i do my RAW poet processing on DPP and convert it to jpg and then process the jpg further on PS6. it works pretty decent this way.

as for subscription Gouge, i am with ya, i hated it from the beginning, i could see the writing on the wall!!! i think PS6 will be enough to take care of my post processing needsĀ  for the rest of my natural life

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