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Re: My Understanding of QUALITY . . .

BrownieVet wrote:

bkjones88 wrote:

But how is the autofocus working on your 1960s SLR lenses?

Autofocus is NOT my priority. Image quality, reliability and performance are my priorities. The distance scale makes it easier for me to do zone focusing. Moreover, I have several Gold Ring AF Nikkor lenses when I am inclined to be lazy.

My point is that modern tech may be or seem more failure prone than decades old equipment,

Failure maybe acceptable to you, however, regardless of cause, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION for me.

but that's probably due in large part to the fact that it's far more sophisticated and complex. Yes, that means more points of failure.

Agree regarding the possible cause of failure

But the upside is that you can do things now with your camera (or phone or car) that would have been utterly unimaginable in the past.

Swiss Army Knife is NOT the issue, Durability and Reliability is the point of the OP.

That's completely fine if those are your priorities - seriously, I have no issue with that. On the other hand, many people would trade a relatively minuscule risk of failure (this is photography after all, not life or death) for the myriad benefits of modern camera technology. There are manufacturers still making very high quality manual lenses (e.g., Zeiss). To each his or her own.

I primarily meant that it's somewhat unfair for you to complain about a modern lens whose autofocus stopped functioning, and use that as an example of why a decades-old lens that never even had autofocus to begin with is superior.

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