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FooHead wrote:

So for fun I rented a 6D for a weekend. I REALLY loved the images I could get with it, much more than what I get from my 80D. So I've been thinking about selling the 80D to help fund some kind of FF. This is what I've found. I'm in western Canada.

New 6D + 24-105 is about $1600

Used 6D + lens...people try to sell them for what I can get a new one!

New 6dmkII + 24-105 about is $ 2800, body only $1600

Used 5Dmkiii + 24-105 is about $2500, body only about $1500

Used 5Dmkiv body $3000

Only thing I didn't like about the 6D was the focusing system and lack of focus points. The 80D is much much better here. As much as I loved the 6D I'm not sure I could take a step backwards and learn to like the 6D's focusing.

I don't think the 6dmkii is enough of an upgrade to spend $3k. I've never tried a 5Dmkiii, but apparently 6D has better iq and focuses better in poor light.....and I don't want to spend that kind of $ on a 12 year old body.

So in the end I don't think I'll go FF just yet. Maybe play the wait and see what happens game and spend my $$ on some kinda of fast zoom?

I just don't see a FF in my near future...dang!

The 6D is a great camera and I have one.  The focus system is lacking a bit, but using focuse and recompose with centerpoint isn't bad.  Honestly though, Full frame is a nice upgrade for low light photography.  If you're outdoors in great light, crop should be more than fine.  I don't notice a huge difference when I'm using my 6D outdoors versus "playing around" with my SL1 casually and/or with family, vacations, etc.

I recently got a 5D mark III because I shoot weddings and I need two card slots.  Honestly, the IQ is on par with the 6D for the most part.  The 5D mark III doesn't have banding in shadows that are pushed too much, so that's annoying.  The focus system is better in that it has many more points, more cross type points and the thumb joystick for selecting them.  The big downer is low light focusing.  It's only -2EV whereas the 6D has -3EV for the centerpoint.  I do notice this during receptions when they turn down lights for dancing.  However, I used my grid system during dancing and nobody really noticed because of all the DJ lights going anyways.

I'm really happy with my 5d Mark III though because its a true pro camera.  I got a great deal on it in near perfect condition for $1200 US.  It was a way better deal for my humble business compared to spending $2600+ or so for a nice condition 5d Mark IV.  Back to your delimma, If you shoot outdoors, stick to crop.  If you need two slots for professional use, 5D mark III or IV is the way to go.  Otherwise, I'd consider the 6D mark II. At least in the US, the 6d Mark I is a huge price savings used and is totally worth it.  If it's not that way in Canada, I'd definitely consider the 6D mark II.

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