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It looks really muddy. Is this adapter having glass in between or is it just hollow? I can't fanthom what could cause such a muddy 100% crop. it's not normal. What part of the picture was cropped, center, mid or corner?

That's why I also asked whether a tripod was used: look at the shutter speeds.

yes, something is wrong. Either some horrible glass is in between, or some problem with stabilization on the lens, or bad calibration of AF. But I see no shake direction. I really looks as if a mist of oil of a bad TC is in between. I also think the TC idea will not work out very well. There are some very cheap manual 300mm from Canon, maybe that's a better idea.

using tc might not be a good idea as you said but even without the tlc it looks soft and muddy.
And another thing is: although it's been a long time since I have last used this very same canon 70-2000mm lens on my canon eos 6d, I don't remember having any lack of sharpness problems like this at all..

so all of the things you have mentioned make me think that my fotasy adapter is faulty, am I wrong?

I have to make another final test: fujixt2+fotasy adapter+ my another canon lens; if that shot is muddy also,then I'l be 100% sure that the problem is with the fotasy adapter..

and probably buy another adapter, can you recommend me one if you know?

Try a dumb $15 adapter, all manual. If it is sharp, then you know it’s something else. Otherwise, you have less things to troubleshoot. My opinion is it is the extender.

I agree, it is certainly not the adapter and the lens seems ruled out - the lens is wide open though and chances are that the extender is not tuned to the combination or is hazed.

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