what causes the poor quality

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Re: what causes the poor quality

The only possible things that could be wrong with your adapter are:

1) it is the incorrect flange to flange distance - this would only mean that it would have issues with infinity focus (only).

2) that it has glass elements in it that are incorrect for the combination or have a haze of some kind on the elements.

With no glass in your Fotasy I doubt if this is the issue.

The 2x teleconverter could be an issue - I doubt if all teleconverters will always work well with all lens combinations - the glass could also be hazed.

The Canon zoom lens itself could have developed internal haze - try a torch shining through the lens - it should show up any haze and possibly a bunch of other gremlins.

I only use a torch as a last resort as the results more than not horrify me ....

Then there is the low shutter speed - but motion softness does not necessary look like haze.

Could it be atmospheric haze at a particular time of the day?

It is always an issue trying to make truly far away images closer by the use of combinations including teleconverters as it usually needs high quality kit to get this to work well.

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