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TuVuVu wrote:

VisionLight wrote:

otto k wrote:

Only as a batch of prototypes not for sale.

Those prototypes were a strong influence on me in buying into the NX system because of the strong possibilities for a professional APSc system they portended for the future.

Hello Ed,

Personally it was not a 'strong infuene', it was the definite decision. When NX1 was released late 2014, thereafter Samsung consistently upgraded Firmware, their lens lineup was Nice and GREAT via Pro 16-50mm f2-2.8 S ED OIS, 50mm-150 2.8 S ED OIS, then NX500.

The moment Samsung showcased Proto Pro 300mm (and ALL mentioned prior), I brought exceptional priced kit: NX1, 16-50 f2-2.8 S ED OIS, Grip, extra battery, etc. Thereafter, I only bought new discounted Samsung lenses: great price for my 50mm-150 f2.8 S ED OIS.

Then rumors, then the inevitable. Sad Samsung bailed prior to Pro 300mm: personally needed for an important use-case (ouch!).

Thank you Ed for your many posts and replying to our private discussions regarding your Canon FD Glass from your Film days (which I image you still own, cherish).

Been enjoying my adapted Canon nFD 300mm f/2.8 L, with associated FD 1.4 teleconverter for many years. Ed's help BY FAR (and Ken Rockwell's in-depth Canon FD glass DB) was Instrumental.

Shooting 300mm 100% manually IS obviously challenging, however, it really improved my photography skills; the "Silver Lining" in the "Samsung Cloud".

Simply go to Ed's links below: nicely organized by gear and location. Then you'll know, he, "chooses his words carefully", which he unfortunately must defend in post further down.

Very Best Regards, Tu Vu Vu

Hi Tu Vu,

What I could have done with that 300mm f/2.8, both by itself and with what I hopefully expected, a matched 2x TC. The Samsung engineers from the secret development group didn't go into great detail when talking about it, but it was apparent they were proud of their accomplishment. Now that I have 600mm in my Canon kit (966mm equiv. reach on Canon APS-C), I have an idea of what the possibilities would have been with the Samsung lens. That NX lens would have been fun and we'd be comparing results.

One thing I've been meaning to do is pair up my new long lens to my NX-1 with my EF-NX adaptor (924mm equiv. reach). Yes, it will be all manual, but we're both used to that with our FD lenses. When I do, I'll post some examples here on the forum.

Always good to hear from you,


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