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Re: Which computation do you want?

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Let's be happy to disagree. I've posted those photos before and I'm not going to waste my time doing it again. You can believe what you want and I (and many others who actually know) can believe what we want. Have a great day.

As long as you don't admit you lack some skills and instead fall back on the automatic features a smartphone provides you will never get better.

So funny that it's always about the skill of the user. It's never a possibility that the phones are actually better in some of these ways.

I'm happy to admit as much. But so far, no one has been able to demonstrate it.

OK, here is "P" mode on the A6000, and a shot at the same time on the Pixel 2 XL. Tell me what non-fiddly skills I need to improve the A6000 picture. After all, tbcass said that the skill was using P mode and the result would be superior to the phone.

Great shots! Perfect example of how intelligently, efficiently, and effectively smartphones like the Pixel can deliver entirely serviceable--if not stunning--images in challenging conditions.

Stunning how? At 4x5?

Sure, you could get there with your A6000---eventually, but that's best left to those with time to burn...and more importantly, the persuasion to do so.

Not eventually, very quickly and in camera and better.

Tell me how to equal that DR and exposure in camera on my A6000 and I'll do test shots and let's see how that goes. I've tried every combination of DRO and HDR in-camera and it doesn't compare.

You do have the app don’t you?

Perhaps you have the magic answer since it's obviously my skill. Even ignoring that I will have to mess with settings and fiddle,

is that so abhorrent? Geez, are you that adverse to spinning a dial or hitting a button?

I doubt you can come up with a combination of settings that would be better than what the phone does automatically.

If you’re using the HDR app, it’s designed for it. Not sure why you’re unable.

It sounds like you are agreeing with the original points that you need extras and fiddling to get the results as good (from a DR and exposure perspective) as the phone. Thank you!

Nice try. First, it’s ironic that you’re confining this to HDR images only and only with the exposure aspect, not the quality or adjustability of the tone mapping or the quality of the actual image.  But even more ironic is your insistence that any fiddling makes the ILC inferior.  For one, that’s silly given that you have much more latitude to make adjustments with your Sony. But somehow, you’re turning that into a negative as if you don’t want to think  but also, it works both ways. You had to tell your phone to do it somehow.  So no, having to spin a dial or make some adjustments prior to exposure doesn’t somehow render anyone or any camera a loser here. But being unwilling to might draw unwanted attention.

Again, if you have the HDR app on your Sony, give it your best shot and let’s see it.  I had it on my A7 and thought it was fine if Jpg were the goal.  Produced great results.

Or are you afraid we will judge once again that your skill level isn’t up to it?

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