It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

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Re: It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

That is a tough question that probably only Canon can answer -- and they won't. The 1Dx was introduced in 2011 and the 1Dx II in 2016, so this might imply a five year product cycle. But I'm guessing that the cycle for replacing professional grade cameras is not driven by the whim of the market as consumer cameras are.  I would imagine that Canon would replace either of the cameras you ask about when there is a significant enough product change to warrant all the professional photographers and news/media organizations to invest in new bodies.  Then add into the mix the trend towards mirrorless cameras, and I believe that it becomes even more impossible to predict the future. Canon may very well decide to invest their resources into mirrorless/professional gear. I know at least one pro who has sold all his Canon DSLRs & lenses to buy mirrorless bodies and new lenses as they become available. If I were you and there was no overwhelming need to buy now, I'd wait to see what the new year brings in the way of product introductions... or if not new gear, what deals Canon offers on older designs come the Black Friday/Christmas holiday season. That is when all the great deals seem to be coming out.  Check Canon Price Watch for the latest prices and trends.

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