Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

nbirkett wrote:

Phone transfers: I use an iPhone. I don't think that an iPhone can transfer from an SD card to a USB drive. The next version of iOS may help make that possible but you would still needed adpaters to connect the SD card and USB drive to the phone. Are Android phones able to do this already and do they make it easy?

Most of the Android phones I'm familiar with support USB OTG ( which allows them to act as hosts for other USB devices. So you can combine the Android device with a USB hub or USB hub with built-in card reader to do your backups. The only other thing required is your USB storage device (I use 2.5" drive enclosures filled with whatever ex-laptop drive I have available...these days, most of them contain solid state drives from laptops that I've upgraded to larger sizes). You'll also need a file manager app but they're fairly common.

Here's an example of an OTG USB hub that also has a card reader (I have not personally tried this one):

I mentioned in another post that it can be fussy to get it all working together. Typically, the trouble occurs when I have the card and USB drive attached to the hub at the same time. Usually, it works, but sometimes the drive isn't detected. But what always works is if I put the micro SD card directly into my phone or tablet's slot and just connect a single drive to the USB hub. NOTE: I have standardized on micro USB for my mobile devices & cameras. My cameras have SD card slots so I use the SD card <-> micro SD card adapters.

What 'tablet' are people talking about? Again, AFIK, ipads can not do that transfer with the current iOS. Are their windows-based tablets that are light and able to do this?

This would be trivial with a Windows Surface but I wouldn't exactly call them light.

Copying from an SD card directly to another SD card likely would need a computing device to interconnect them. I know that, for some cameras, you could use the second card slot to store a back-up. But, it would still be nice to have a back-up on a separate type of device.

Backing up to the cloud requires an Internet connection. On many trips (e.g. cruises) connectivity can be hard, slow and expensive. You also still need to be able to read the SD cards into a device that will be able to access the Internet.

When I was in China about 4 yrs ago, hotel Internet quality was spotty. Personally, I wouldn't want to rely on it since you can't depend on the Great Firewall giving you access to your cloud. I couldn't even access some of my university's servers.

I prefer keeping my backups in a small, discreet form factor; something that won't be targeted by thieves.  That's why I don't keep my backups on my laptop.  A USB HDD enclosure kind of fits that bill in that it is small and not flashy.  But backing up onto SD cards or USB sticks gives you an even smaller and less conspicuous format.

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