Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

phil from seattle wrote:

On the point of what's cheapest - look at minimum overall cost as well. While cost per GB of spinning media (HDD) is low, you can't buy "just enough".

You actually bring up one of the biggest points totally lost or ignored by most of us when it comes to HD back ups with travel.

There is a reason that a RAID system of multiple hard drives in an array is safer than one big hard drive. Using SD cards mimics that idea a bit, where you are breaking up the entire lump of data into multiple cards, so your backup gets even safer, instead of one card or one HD going down and killing all your data, you're segmenting the loss.

In reality the 64gb SD card I showed pricing wise isn't my first choice.

I actually prefer 32gb cards, reason being it takes too long to fill a 64gb card for me, which means I have my originals and backups sitting in one place - in the camera for too long. I prefer the 32s because with those I will be changing out cards about every 3 days or so and getting the backs up separated to another location other than carrying them around in the camera.

Which brings up the one disadvantage that I find with using the dual slot backup. With a HD being a laptop or tablet or a stand alone HD, I would be in the habit of backing up each days shooting that night, with the SD cards, like I said I'm backing up as I shoot but location wise, I'm carrying around my backups with the originals in camera for 3 day stretches. I suppose if I have something I consider exceptional that I've capture I can always transfer that series right away.

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