Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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dual slot backup?

nbirkett wrote:

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nbirkett wrote:

Another option that I just discovered - on my Nikon D7200, I can have the camera copy all of the images on my main SD card to a back-up SD put into the second card slot. That provides a full back-up and can be done using sd cards, that are light, small and relatively inexpensive. Of course, you need a camera with two card slots and the appropriate software.

If people have specific details on how to do the other methods, could they post the specific hardware/software that would be needed (or that they use)? It would help to more fully understand the options. Thanks.

What more would you need to know if you have a dual slot camera? That's the simplest, fastest, most secure and cheapest solution there is. Why would you go about it any other way?

Using an in camera method may be easy (since you don't need to bring other hardware) but I'm not sure about the other feature you suggest.

I wrote most of that post before I realized that my camera could do SD card copying (I added the copying paragraph as an 'edit' after my initial post).

sd cards cost more than portable USB HDD's:: about $0.40/GB compared to $0.25/GB).

I like to have back-ups on a different type of media. Likely sd cards are safe a secure. But, having the back-up on an SSD or HDD provides slightly more confidence.

But, the main reason for the last paragraph that you quote was to assist others to evaluate the options. Without specific details (or concrete examples) it is hard to evaluate the various suggestions for their cost and implications for travel weight and volume of 'stuff''. For example, if a phone based back-up process requires an Android phone, that method would require buying a new phone if you use an iPhone. And some people may like a method that would allow them to view or share images while traveling.

Could you elaborate on how Nikon uses the dual slots for backup? If I understand it correctly, it can be configured so that when you take a photo, it is immediately written to both cards in the slots. That provides a backup in case one of the cards gets corrupted but it doesn't address a common scenarios of image loss: if your camera gets stolen or lost, both cards are gone.

On the other hand, if it works by allowing you to use a single card (A), and then at the end of the day you can slip another card (B) into the second slot and copy everything from card A onto card B, then I can see that as being a decent option because it allows your backup to be separate from your camera.

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