Individual magnetic accessories for Godox/Flashpoint round head flashes

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Individual magnetic accessories for Godox/Flashpoint round head flashes

tl;dr: The magnetic accessories for the Godox/Flashpoint round head flashes are available individually. I think this is relatively new. Previously, I thought they were only available as part of a kit.

If you have a Godox/Flashpoint round head flash with magnetic attachment, this is good news.


Godox currently (July 2019) makes two round head speedlight type flashes. One is the V1 on-camera speedlight and one is the H200R round head accessory for the AD200. Adorama sells these as the Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X (on-camera) and the eVOLV 200 Round Flash Head.

These heads have magnets so that modifiers designed for the heads can easily pop on and off, and be stackable as well.

Gel modifier that magnetically attaches to the H200R round head accessory, that in turn snaps onto the Godox AD200/Flashpoint eVOLV 200 body.

When these round head flashes first came out there was an accessory kit AK-R1, about $60, with these magnetically-attaching modifiers:

  • Dome diffuser
  • Diffuser plate
  • Four-wing barn door light blocker
  • Bounce card
  • Honeycomb grid
  • 6 gels (3 CTOs, 1 plus green, two that appear to be clear) and 1 magnetic gel holder
  • Silicone snoot
  • Carrying case

Godox/Flashpoint AK-R1 accessory kit


Up until this morning I thought you could not get these accessories separately. (If I'm wrong I apologize.)

Now I see Adorama is selling them individually for around $10 each. They may be available from other sellers as well, I'm just using Adorama as a quick example.

To find them, search the Adorama site using "Flashpoint round head" and then sort the results by Price from low to high.


Personally, I'm picking up two more gel sets. I want to have three magnetic gel holders, populated with the three different CTO gels, ready to pop onto the flash. During events I don't have time to fiddle with removing a gel from the holder and putting a new one in.

Inserting a gel into the magnetic mount holder. Removal of the old one and insertion of the new one doesn't take too long, but it would be a lot faster to have mutiple magnetic mounts with the gels already inserted and ready to go!

At the Adorama product page for the gel sets , it is a bit confusing because it looks as if they are only selling the gels, but reading the page in detail indicates that one magnetic gel holder is also included.

The page also says there are 5 gels even though 6 are pictured, and I got 6 as part of the $60 accessory kit AK-R1.


One last thing that is not included in the accessory kit AK-R1 is an adapter for standard rectangular head speedlights. Adorama's S-R1 is a $6.90 adapter that fits over a rectangular head, and magnetically holds the round head modifiers. It is kind of like a low-budget MagMod.

Flashpoint S-R1 Round Head Magnetic Modifier Accessory Adapter

I have a couple of older speedlights I'm using for backups or off-camera flash, and this lets me use my round head Godox/Flashpoint modifiers on them.

Hope this information is useful, and that I'm not repeating old news <g>.

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