Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

nbirkett wrote:

sd cards cost more than portable USB HDD's:: about $0.40/GB compared to $0.25/GB).

I like to have back-ups on a different type of media. Likely sd cards are safe a secure. But, having the back-up on an SSD or HDD provides slightly more confidence.

I hear arguments about per GB pricing all the time. First off you get what you pay for. A SSD drive at 15% less cost still comes with the disadvantage of size, weight, transfer times, verifying your data transferred etc...

Secondly .30 cents a GB without even looking for a deal...

Thirdly there is no advantage to having a backup on a different media, unless you're worried about some threat that would destroy one media while not the other, I don't know of any threats that would take out an SD card while the HD survives, especially being that the SD card has the highest track record for data safety of any media, so putting a backup on any media besides it means you're stepping down a tier in protection. I can see a theoretical advantage to having a back up on a separate media so it get stored elsewhere compared to having 20 SD cards containing originals and back up bundled together as a single package, you lose the one item and you lose originals and back ups.

Obviously you can do this however you want, and I'm not trying to force you to do anything, just clarify some of the points you have which are a bit unfounded.

Personally I just think you haven't yet wrapped your head around how good you have it with a dual slot camera and are still stuck in a mindset of harddrive, must be a harddrive back up.

Personally I will enjoy the simple and safe ability of my camera to instantly backup my images onto another set of SD cards, because unfortunately the trend is these dual slots in cameras are going away. So I will definitely enjoy and take advantage of it while I can. I love the ability to travel with 2-3 TB of storage that basically could fit in my wallet.

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