Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: You do have some stuff just don't use it!

zackiedawg wrote:

snapa wrote:

Your probably correct, but they could drop from 24 to 12 MP's which is still good enough if that would help move data fast enough. If Sony uses a stacked CMOS 24 MP sensor (like the a9 has) and new processor in the a6500 successor. That should be able to move 12 MP files fast enough. They could even use pixel binning technology for even better low light capability. Besides, 12 MP are pretty large files IMHO.

Since you are a dedicated RAW shooter with your Sony camera, but using JPG with all of the processing tools built into the Pixel phone, you aren't really allowing the camera to use any of its tricks.

You can actually shoot the camera in JPG, with P or Auto/Intelligent modes engaged, and it would perform much more processing power for the end results - multiple-frame stacking, pixel-level highlight/shadow analysis and recovery, HDR blending, automatic scene recognition, etc. It's not as completely automated and advanced as the phone - mostly because of the phone's much larger processor and much smaller sensor...but your camera can do much more than you currently use it for, if you wanted to use it more like your phone.

Low light/night photography is actually a primary reason I love the A6300 and use the P/A/S modes much more often because I can engage multi-frame stacking and HDR modes at high ISO for quite excellent hand-held results with no post-processing.

So many camera shooters comment on all of the things their phones do automatically with no input from them to make better results out of the phone, yet never use their camera in Auto/Program modes with all the JPG tricks engaged...shooting RAW bypasses all of the smart/AI features of the camera in favor of doing all of the processing yourself on the computer. Take a single frame in RAW with no multi-frame processing or HDR applied with the Pixel phone, and the results would not impress's all those special processing and stacking tools in the AI that give those results straight out of the phone!

Well said. Sort of: you can't have the cake and eat it. .

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