Why should l buy a D750 now?

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Re: Why should l buy a D750 now?

briantilley wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

commiebiker wrote:

If they were as good as you say they are, Nikon wouldn't be giving them away, which, as I mentioned, a Z7 is over $1500 cheaper in Toronto then they were. That is not the sign of a winner.


Grasp what you can. D850 was introduced in 2017 and this is it's first major price reduction and it's $500. Z7 is $1500 off in Toronto.

Where in Toronto, exactly?

Amazon Canada has it at a reduction of $850:


Whilst Henry's have it for $800 off:


At Vistek, it is $400 off:


Best Buy lists it at $100 off:


At Downtown Camera, it is full price:


You're seeing the Z7 as out in front leading the pack. But you missed the pack getting

a lap lead on it. It is running alone, but a lap down. Hope this clears that up.


You spoke too soon, downtown camera have it at $400 off now. Seems there is a trend for such a new and well selling product...

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