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FooHead wrote:

So for fun I rented a 6D for a weekend. I REALLY loved the images I could get with it, much more than what I get from my 80D. So I've been thinking about selling the 80D to help fund some kind of FF. This is what I've found. I'm in western Canada.

New 6D + 24-105 is about $1600

Used 6D + lens...people try to sell them for what I can get a new one!

New 6dmkII + 24-105 about is $ 2800, body only $1600

Used 5Dmkiii + 24-105 is about $2500, body only about $1500

Used 5Dmkiv body $3000

Only thing I didn't like about the 6D was the focusing system and lack of focus points. The 80D is much much better here. As much as I loved the 6D I'm not sure I could take a step backwards and learn to like the 6D's focusing.

I don't think the 6dmkii is enough of an upgrade to spend $3k. I've never tried a 5Dmkiii, but apparently 6D has better iq and focuses better in poor light.....and I don't want to spend that kind of $ on a 12 year old body.

So in the end I don't think I'll go FF just yet. Maybe play the wait and see what happens game and spend my $$ on some kinda of fast zoom?

I just don't see a FF in my near future...dang!

Perhaps consider spreading the pain, and buy a 24-105L ii now, and use it with your 80D, and then buy a 6D ii (which is essentially a FF 80D) or 5D iv (or even R/RF) later on.

I used a 24-105L on a 600D, and then 70D for several years before I eventually bought a FF 6D ii.

Maybe sell whatever your 80D equivalent to the 24-105L is to partially fund the new lens, and then sell the 80D to partially fund the body when you get it - then you are taking two smaller hits instead of one large one.

While I very much like my 6D ii + 24-105L ii, I am not sure that I would it takes much better images than my 70D did (unless it is mainly for high ISO, very wide angle or shallow DoF shots) - it is a nice upgrade though.


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