what causes the poor quality

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Re: what causes the poor quality

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I hope this is the right forum for my problem.

I want to use my Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM with my fujifilm XT2 so I bought a fotasy adaptor. But I ve got poor results although this lens works great on my canon eos 6d.

is this lack of sharpness that I have (when the fotasy is on) because of the brand or do all the adaptors in the market happen to cause these kind of unsharp results..

I also have a sigma 2x extender and I cant take a sharp photo with the combination of

fujixt2+fotasy adaptor+sigma 2x extender+canon 70-200 f4...

below is a comparison of 3 different cases:

you can easily see that the first 2 photos are very soft while the 3rd one is sharp because the 3rd one is shot with the native fujinon 55-200mm lens..

setup: fujixt2+fotasy adaptor+sigma 2x extender+canon 70-200mm f4 @200mm, (%100 cropped view)

this is fujixt2+fotasy adaptor+ canon 70-200mm f4 @200mm, (%100 cropped view)

the reason I want to use my canon 70-200mm although I have the native 55-200mm is because I want to reach a higher zoom and the only way to do that is by using my sigma 2x extender (for canon mount) and I have to use that with the fotasy adaptor of course.With that setup I can reach to 600mm (in 35mm format) while with just the native fujinon 55-200mm I can only reach to 300mm (in 35mm format) so the difference is huge..But the quality is not good at all and I dont know what causes this problem, is it related with the fotasy or do all the simple adaptors are the same?

It looks really muddy. Is this adapter having glass in between or is it just hollow? I can't fanthom what could cause such a muddy 100% crop. it's not normal. What part of the picture was cropped, center, mid or corner?

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