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Re: Which computation do you want?

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Let's be happy to disagree. I've posted those photos before and I'm not going to waste my time doing it again. You can believe what you want and I (and many others who actually know) can believe what we want. Have a great day.

As long as you don't admit you lack some skills and instead fall back on the automatic features a smartphone provides you will never get better.

So funny that it's always about the skill of the user. It's never a possibility that the phones are actually better in some of these ways.

I'm happy to admit as much. But so far, no one has been able to demonstrate it.

OK, here is "P" mode on the A6000, and a shot at the same time on the Pixel 2 XL. Tell me what non-fiddly skills I need to improve the A6000 picture. After all, tbcass said that the skill was using P mode and the result would be superior to the phone.

Okay, just a quick look. Wish that was my backyard.

The Google is pretty terrible from an image quality standpoint - pasty and a few strange artifacts and literally discards some of the detail. So I'll take the A6000 any day. As for exposure, the shadow is very noisy with the Pixie even though it's doing it's own HDR.

And I think you can do a better job of exposure with the A6000. You've got no detail in the distant hills - so you've overexposed it. Are you not using your zebras? That's fundamental I think. Did you not try HDR with the A6000? You have that capability, yes?

So what you have here is a phone/camera that creates a pasty/grainy poor quality HDR processed image vs. a much higher quality image from a dedicated ILC.

I don't disagree that the fundamental quality of the phone is worse than the camera. But the exposure and DR demonstrated is much better on the phone.

No, it's not. It's much worse - it's noisy, pasty, obliterates detail etc. That a software engineer can create an algorithm that shoots three photos and combines them in an HDR image isn't revolutionary. You're focusing on one small aspect and forgetting the rest. It doesn't make the phone camera better. My camera has miniature effect, selective color, soft focus, low key, high key etc. Are you impressed with that too?

OK I can underexpose (yes, fiddle) and expose for the outside. But then the interior will be even darker. The phone didn't have that problem. That's my point.

Problem? The problem is you. No one built that camera to do the job you should be doing.

And you've not even touched on the fact that you have an HDR app available your A6000. And it has a lot more features than your phone camera.

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