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Re: Which computation do you want?

PhotoFactor wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

PhotoFactor wrote:

The Davinator wrote:

Literally 30 seconds in Lightroom from the a6000 compressed jpg. Imagine if he had used HDR with the a6000. But even from the jpg, the a6000 is better in single shot than the phone is with HDR. If I had the raw file from the a6000, it would destroy the phone further. I didnt bother with color settings as the difference is more than enpugh in favour of the a6000

Clearly you didn't read the thread.

And the outside is still blown out. Clearly the default metering on the phone is better than on the ILC.

Default metering? So you’re not willing to understand exposure and that’s why you love smartphone cameras?

I was shooting manual everything - focus, aperture, and developing in the darkroom - in the 1970's.

That's hard to imagine.

I've shot without a light meter by estimating exposure manually. I understand exposure.

Clearly you don't.

Fortunately my phone understands it too, better than my ILCs default metering.

Can't blame the camera, it's expecting your input. Just a little would go a long way.

I would hope that some of the newer cameras emerging will start being a bit more sophisticated in how they manage exposure. We've had auto exposure since the 80's, it's about time they improved.

Auto exposure isn't what you think it is.

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