Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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Photographic assignment or a holiday?

Schrodingers_cat wrote:

raymondg wrote:

I am travelling again soon and my usual travel kit is a D800E with 3 lenses that cover 14mm-200mm (14-24 f2.8, 24-120 F4 and 70-200f4) . I am bemoaning the fact that Nikon does not make an 14-24 f4 so I could have a little less weight as this lot weighs around 3.6kg

My recent favorite load out has been one high resolution and three primes, a 28, a 50, and an 85. I have not felt I was missing anything and the trip itself has ben more enjoyable. A single midrange zoom would accomplish the same goal.

For me photography is an adjunct to travelling and never the prime raison d'être so for some years now my rule has been one camera and one lens. That used to be a D300 and Nik 18-35 but nowadays a D750 (because of its low light performance) and sometimes the Nik 18-35 but increasingly a Nik 16-85 used in DX mode.

The D750 and 16-85 weigh 1371g (with battery and neck strap). This combination still gives me enough pixels for an A4 print, though I rarely make such large physical prints.

@Raymondg: Do you really cart about 3.6kg of photographic clobber on your travels? Is it a photographic assignment or a holiday. Do you use all of that kit?

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