smartPhones vs Cameras

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smartPhones vs Cameras

Here are some recent thoughts on smartPhones vs Cameras

smartPhone pros:

1- small

2- pocketable

3- batteries can last long time between charges

4- internet

5- water resistant (maybe even water proof)

6- shock resistant

Cameras traditional pros:

- large sensors

- better lenses

- lens selection, for ILC

But Cameras have some additional pros:

- larger bodies.  Apparently the market likes bigger bodies

- larger sensors.  This should always give better low-light images

- larger batteries

- better thermal handling

- more cpu power (due to larger batteries and better thermal handling)

- better flashes.  Which can be included in the camera body

Also, we might have seen "Peak Smartphone". No longer will flagship phones dominate the market.  Sure there will always be those able and willing to spend $1,000 on their phone, every year (!) but smartPhones have gotten to "good enough", so we might see more competition around price-point.

Also smartphones are increasingly being used as "electronic ankle monitors". When to take a college class you need to install an app with 'god mode" privileges...and there are many more examples. Yuck!

We might also have seen peak "Advertising supported" products. But that is a different topic. Let's just say FireFox is starting a subscription service, for feeds without ads (similar to the early days of cable? No adds and Mature content? The future is about to get interesting,,,,

About AI in smartphone cameras:

I think it'll be awhile before we see low power AI fast enough for 60fps video...

What are peoples  thoughts about all this? I could be wrong, I've been wrong plenty of times...

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