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Re: Which computation do you want?

Jonsi wrote:

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stevo23 wrote:

The difference is automatic processing of great superiority on the phone.

I don't think so. In all of the examples of how brilliant smartphones are, I'm still not seeing anything better than an ILC in skilled hands.

Yes, the point is the skilled hands part. You can get superior DR and color if you PP your ILC photos. The phone does it with no PP needed. In many cases.

So are mine, I have produced actual photos many times in these forums. I'm a scientist by trade, show the evidence. It is what it is whether people like it or not.

That's a good point - show us the superior results. Take the same image with your best ILC and your smartphone. Single image, non challenging light.

In non-challenging light the ILC will be similar or better in many cases, it is a wash. However in challenging light, especially high contrast/DR situations, the phone does better unless you PP the ILC photos from RAW.

Perhaps you have the wrong phone.

It's an iPhone 8. Bad phone?

No that's a good phone, but it's performance has been surpassed, especially by the Google Pixels and apparently by some of the Huawei's as well.

I've followed this thread with great interest. It's amazing how so many people know so little about what smartphone computational photography truly entails. It's like branches in a tree--growing and spreading like a fractal in all directions.

Phones are just so capable these days.

They destroy my OOC camera shots.

Yes, you showed us. Under your Crash ID.

But all that proves is you aren't familiar with using a DSLR.

No DSLR on earth couldn't have achieved much better results than what you showed. I still think it's user failure, not the gear.

I would challenge anybody with a Pixel to shoot a high contrast shot, and take the same shot with a curent MILC or DSLR, and show me a better SOOC jpg from the camera than the phone - from the standpoint of DR and exposure and color.

Prove how the phones aren't really any better.

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