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Re: Build quality of cameras (and the evolution of photography continues)

Schrodingers_cat wrote:

nighthawk1234 wrote:

is quality of cameras slowly degrading

The quality of everythingis degrading, as far as I can tell

More on topic however, the D3x was pretty high up in the food chain build quality wise. The price was silly, but having owned three, I felt the camera was solid. Never owned a Canon, so no actual experience there.

The new Nikon D850 is said by some to be better built than the D810, though I can't see it. The omission of the pop up flash does increase its ability to be weather resistant, especially in the rain, otherwise it seems as solid as the D700/800.810 ever were. They did omit the rubber base that the previous cameras of this level (one step below the single digit flagship cameras at Nikon) had, but I don't think that is a big deal.

But manufacturers will try find a way to save a few pennies per unit, and they invariably will, but it doesn't necessarily reduce quality. Just look at how used camera sales compete with new camera sales. People seem to change cameras every 3 years nowadays (I still have a digital camera I bought in 2012 but it's only used for casual photos when I don't need higher MP's) so why build a camera to last 10+ years anyhow? Only photogs who shoot many thousands of photos a week need durability in a camera. And smartphone cameras are taking over for the masses as well. And so on.

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