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Re: Which computation do you want?

PhotoFactor wrote:

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PhotoFactor wrote:

Ah the old skill argument. That's a typical response. I didn't say I couldn't play with settings to get a better result. I was using auto exposure with combinations of DRO and HDR in-camera, jpeg processing. Using all combinations of those settings, the phone did better. That's not to say that if I started deliberately underexposing I couldn't get the blowout reduced. But the DRO and HDR in-camera couldn't do that in any automatic modes. We're talking about auto processing sophistication here. OF COURSE you can do better with an ILC if you tweak, fiddle, adjust, tests, RAW, and PP. That takes a lot of time. For a quick auto shot, the phone is superior.

All that is unnecessary. I use P mode which is an auto mode that allows all possible adjustments. All I do is leave auto DRO on and adjust EV to a negative value that prevents blown highlights while looking through the viewfinder. I can do it faster than you can take a photo with a smartphone. I never find HDR necessary. That's what I mean by skill. The ability to get the most out of a camera with a minimum of effort.

"In skilled hands" means tweak, fiddle, adjust exposure, adjust metering, adjust DRO, adjust HDR, adjust contrast, saturation". That's a lot of work. With default settings, the phone does better. The ILC takes a lot of time and needs PP to be better in challenging lighting situations.

Not necessarily. Skill can also mean the ability to get the results with a minimum of effort. I never find it necessary to go through all the steps you do.

Smartphones need superior processing just to come close to a larger sensor camera and even then there are limitations in the conditions it can be used. The larger sensor cameras just don't need it. Taking multiple images and then processing them slows the smartphone camera down. In the time a smartphone takes one image I can take many with even my slowest camera.

Correct. I can take burst photos but then the processing defaults to non- HDR+ mode.

However HDR+ happens in under one second so not really slowing anything down for single shots.

I can take 2 single shots in 1 second. I have used old P&S cameras that needed a full second between shots and it did slow me down. When I shoot sports I want to instantly be able to zoom, recompose and shoot. I shoot at 10 frames per second. Sorry but for me smartphones don't cut it for the vast majority, probably 90%, of my photography. In addition I'm a proud pixel peeper of high resolution images and phones fail. I think they should stick with 4mp with those small sensors and cheap lenses because any more than that is wasted.

I have shots where "P" mode in my ILC could not do what the phone could do in having a correct exposure with good shadows yet blowout protected.

It's never the camera's fault.

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