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jkjond wrote:

snappyden wrote:

just a few from the most incredible place on earth!

Superb photo location. You got quite a few back slaps, I'll add a few suggestions on each image.

First one, I'm not sure if my comment is worth adding as it should be really obvious - but wouldn't it have been better to take a step or two to either side so as not to obscure the cupola wiht the light? You have huge control over the alignment of foreground/background objects - move around and find the optimum.

Good to see you had some mist. Make the most of it, don't fight it. I find your crop a bit too tight at the top here.

The pattern and repetition is interesting but I'd have liked to see the full reflections of the boats in the canal - and though I'm no purist for architectural detail I find the distortions on the background make this too much of a snapshot. Take a bit more time and explore the subject to get the most out of it.

Good mist. I find the left hand light is way too tight to the border and feels compromised. This emphasises how central the jogger is and creates and odd tension in a photo that could easily have been more balanced.

Indecisive composition. The boats look great, from what I can see of them, but the background isn't so great and I can see too much of it. The reflections on the left are the most interesting part.

The haze is attractive but the composition lacks precision - the reflection is screaming out that it wants to be the subject but you've cropped it out. Venice is a city of reflections. My overall recommendation is to go back there and take more


thanks for taking the time to review and suggest ways to improve mh photography.  While I don't agree with all of your suggestions, I do appreciate them.  Also, in a place like Venice, its not often easy, or even possible to move back or sideways to create a more appropriate frame for the image without falling off a bridge or into a canal.



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