Ricoh GR III Repair Nightmare

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Re: Ricoh GR III Repair Nightmare

stevenj2 wrote:

larryhokie wrote:

Hi All,

Dropped my camera 2 feet. Focus, IS ruined. Camera was turned off at the time. Back display graphics glitches.

Sent in to Precision. Camera. I have called them three times. I have called Ricoh twice. I received a nice email indicating that the case would be escalated. Nothing has happened. Today, Precision did not know the update status, said that they had to contact the Ricoh liaison.

Ricoh support hung up on me today after speaking to me and then indicating that the call was being sent to someone else upstream. 4 minutes later, dial tone.


No update. Not from Ricoh. Not from Precision Camera. Camera has been in repair for over 30 days. I’ve only used the camera for about 3 weeks. 2 foot drop destroys camera. How sad. My Ricoh GR III story.

Sorry. I’m frustrated.

2 GRii's and Precision Camera.

No. 1 GRii suffered a small drop inside a bag. Must have been because of a pen inside with it that cracked a corner of the screen. it took a long time to get one estimate which was for LCD replacement ... then after some more time they contacted me annd told me repair cost escalated to $400 as 'the damage was greater and more work was needed'.

I did not approved the repair. Not long afterwards bought another GRii and gave away the first to someone for parts or do it yourself repair.

When No. 2 it needed cleaning for dust spots on sensor, It was covered by warranty and with a good turn around time from Precision. One Pentax K3 ii I sent for repair (pair out of pocked) also came back with quick turn around.

Sometimes service is relatively quick. It's a bad sign if it is not, as if extra time to diagnose extent of problems slows things down.

Best wishes,

Thanks for providing your experiences.  I too had success with Pentax equipment in and out of warranty.

This situation currently is perplexing as neither Ricoh nor Precision is able to provide any sort of update.  A Ricoh "management" team has been on the case for over two weeks. No update.  I was assured from Ricoh support on July 3 that I would receive a call back update on July 8, 2019.  I'm still waiting. Precision owes me two call backs.

Oh well.  Nice camera as far as my experience relating to image quality in various situations.  I won a club photo contest with on of the images taken in my short 3 weeks with the camera.    I carried with me everyday.  I assumed it was better than a cheap point and shoot in the robustness category due to the metal body. Wrong.  I slapped a glass protector over the LCD after seeing a scratch within the first day of ownership.  Definitely not iPhone/Samsung mobile toughness in that department or drop for that matter.

$899, tax, shipping (when purchased, and when sending ensured to Precision per Ricoh instructions) plus extra battery cost,  front ring and my time down the drain, First front ring  fell off within a few days.  Getting closer to $4000 I guess.

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