Nissin i400 overexposes

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Re: Nissin i400 overexposes

m1964 wrote:

ContaxRTSII wrote:

Interesting that you brought up this overexposure topic because I am experiencing "similar" issue.
Coming from Nikon system, I always use Nikon flashes and it is NEVER a concern for over or underexposure.

Since I entered SONY, I started with Nissin flashes (i60 and i40) for SONY system, "overexposure" is what I found from both of the flashes, I asked questions here and a lot of responses is that several SONY users are having the same finding. Last month, I bought a SONY flash, surprisingly, that 45RM flash gives "less overexposure" comparing to Nissin's.

I remembered my Metz flash for Nikon tends to make the pictures brighter than Nikon's (all under TTL mode). Maybe Metz and Nissin both favors brighter exposure than Nikon's? At this moment, I don't have a conclusion yet but I tend to believe all flash manufactures have its own "characteristics"?

Hi ContaxRTSI,

Thanks for replying to me.

I want to keep the flash, but I wonder if I can get another one that would expose similar to Nikon's SB-700.

I am going to try to exchange it and see what the other one is like.

Got another i400 yesterday and it does exactly the same thing- when used in Auto mode, it overexposes by 1/2 to 1 stop, comparing to SB-700.

Interestingly, when I compared new i400 to SB-400, bounced flash  exposed similarly- apparently, my SB-400 exposes slightly brighter than SB-700.

I am going to keep the i400 because the SB-400 often did not have enough power for bounced flash with bouncing surface was far like higher ceilings; also SB -400 does not have HHS.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

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