No love for Fujifilm X-T2 AF-C, face recognition

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No love for Fujifilm X-T2 AF-C, face recognition

Basically, face recognition and AF-C do work combined. If you display a face on a computer screen, the X-T2 finds it and follows it, even if you move around.

But it doesn´t work in real life / street shooting.

I´ve set the X-T2 to AF-C, large AF-area and face recognition on (I don´t think the AF area actually matters, as face recognition seems to override it anyway, but I may be wrong). As I said, this did work pretty good in a home setting pointing the camera at a computer display and moving it around.

I´ve used the 2.8/27mm and set the camera 1/1000 sec, letting the camera choose the shutter. The camera usually dialed in F2.8 to keep ISOs low, so with most shots there was some more or less visible foreground separation. Main reason for the 1/1000 was, that I sometimes take a picture while not standing completely still myself, so I can avoid motion blur (from camera movement).

I shot without looking at the display or into the VF, just pointing the camera from the hip in the general direction of the scene I wanted to capture. This is pretty typical for street photography. You can either use manual focus, estimate and preset the distance and use a small aperture / large DOF or try to rely on face recognition or at least on the ability of the camera to focus on near objects. With the second method you have a chance of some foreground separation, which often looks more interesting than a large DOF. Usually AF-C is then needed as well, I´m on the move (sometimes) and the object doesn´t stand still either.

Then I went out for about 2-3 hours and came back with some hundred shots.

The result:

The X-T2 just loves focussing on some far background. Something interesting must be happening there, I´ve no idea. You could put a house right in front of it and it would still try to focus around it and on the background. Out of 10 shots about 7-8 were focussed on the background and not on any foreground object. This even happened when there were large near objects right in the middle of the frame.

As to the face recognition: Out of a some hundred shots (nearly all with people / faces in them) in about 20 instances t actually did focus on a face. But not even on the closest face, again rather favouring someone in the distance! With 27mm and F2.8 you usually can see pretty well when reviewing the shot later on the computer on screen, what the camera has actually focussed on.

This is a simply an awful AF implementation! Am I asking too much? Do I need a Sony A6400?

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Fujifilm X-T2
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