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the phoblographer has a nice review up of the Sony FE 35mm f1.8 already. Everything looks really really good. I’m intrigued by the lens. We will see if I can get over the price.


Are they sponsored or affiliated with Sony? Its very suspicious that they praise the inflated high RRP as a pro point and not a con.

It is cheaper than the Nikon so why shouldn't price be a pro, being cheaper than the obvious competition?

Because they are both overpriced? If Nikon made a lens for $10,000 and Sony made a similar one but charged $9,900, would that be considered a "Pro" too? LOL.

The real competition is Canons 35/1.8 RF. Canon has IS, Sony has better AF motor. Canon for $500 and Sony for $600 ($500 would be logical, but lets be real and throw on the extra $100 for Sony tax) makes sense. Plus compare to the Sony 28/2 and 85/1.8 which are in the similar price backet and the exact same features/build. $750 makes zero sense and not putting it in the "Cons" list might be almost forgivable, but actually putting it under a "Pro" just makes the whole review seem suspiciously like a paid advertisement.

Here is a review of the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 from the same reviewer/website:


You also neglected to mention in your comparison to the Sony lens that the Canon lens has no focus hold button, no weather sealing, and its barrel extends when focusing.


Canon has a customisable command ring.

Not a focus hold button.

I cant see any mention of the Sony having a rubber weather seal around the lens mount.

I never said it had one.

I also didnt mention the Sony was longer.

The Sony is longer, partially because it has internal focus vs the Canon's external focus (extended barrel).

The Sony is rated as "dust and moisture" resistant, the Canon isn't.

DMR - Dust and Moisture Resistant


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