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Re: Which computation do you want?

PhotoFactor wrote:

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PhotoFactor wrote:

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Wayne Larmon wrote:

  1. Near perfect auto tone mapping so there is no need to shoot raw (most of the time.) (Again, no existing ILC or P&S can do this.)

You mean like HDR tone mapping? I think my camera does this now unless you're looking for extreme stuff.

I have two different vendor ILCs and I've tried the in-camera HDR. It doesn't hold a candle to the phone's exposure and tone management. Post processing is needed. The cameras could do a much more intelligent job.

I haven’t tried it with my xp2, but I can imagine a phone might actually out process the camera. But using crappy phone images processed well in the smartphone still means crappy results overall. I’d rather post process a really good set on my computer. In fact, I really have no interest in more AI in my camera. Would rather the effort go toward a better sensor.

I guess we each have a different definition of crappy. For example, I'm particularly picky about the sharpness of my lenses, I routinely criticize the Sony kit lens on the a6000

I wouldn't / couldn't say with that particular camera. I did avoid the APS-C e-mount cameras because of the sub par lenses. But I'd be surprised if it wasn't better than an iPhone or Galaxay or whatever 12Mp smartphone camera it is you're using.

for example when others find it acceptable. Yet my cell phone photos, although limited to a single focal length, and only 12 megapixels, are quite excellent in terms of resolution and sharpness. I've enlarged up to 11x14 and had excellent results from my phone pictures.

So you're saying that a 12Mp smartphone creates better quality images than a dedicated 24Mp camera that has considerably more dynamic range, resolution, etc. etc.? I don't know how that works. Or maybe I know that doesn't work.

So in that sense, my phone exceeds almost any normal point and shoot unless it's very high-end.

What is a normal point and shoot?

For 99% of my uses, the quality of the photos is perfectly acceptable and certainly not crappy. In fact the processing is better than my cameras' processing, and I don't have to spend a lot of time doing post processing.

I do sense from many posters that there is this defensiveness about phones even though in most cases the pictures are quite good enough.

No doubt - I use mine all the time. But my expectations are realistic.

The pictures are better than we tolerated from regular digital cameras only a few years ago. And I don't even post on social media so that's not my target use of the photos.

I don't know - the photos I got from my TL500 or my C8080 were better than my 12Mp smartphone. I think you have to pick some awful cameras to make that work.

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