Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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I think your weights are wrong

raymondg wrote:

I am travelling again soon and my usual travel kit is a D800E with 3 lenses that cover 14mm-200mm (14-24 f2.8, 24-120 F4 and 70-200f4) . I am bemoaning the fact that Nikon does not make an 14-24 f4 so I could have a little less weight as this lot weighs around 3.6kg

So I thought what if I went mirrorless and got the 14-30 F4, 24-70 F4 and an adaptor for the 70-200f4? That would give me a full F4 kit and hopefully save some space and weight. However, it would set me back around $8,000 AUD.

So I added up the weight and with a couple of extra batteries for the ML due to reduced number of shots, the weight is virtually the same (3.0kg with extra batteries). The difference being only around 600gm. That's about $167 AUD per gram. Hmmmmm?

Hard to justify the spend for very little gain.

I think your weights are wrong:

D800E = 1,000gms

24-120 = 710gms

14-24 = 1,000gms

70-200 f4 = 850gms

Spare battery? = 90gms

Total = 3,700gms

Z6/7 = 585gms

24-70 f4S = 500gms

14-30 f4S = 485gms

70-200 f4 = 850gms

FTZ = 135gms

spare battery = 90gms

Total = 2700gms

That's 1kg of weight saving.

As Commiebike points out, it is more than just weight, it is also size. You can have a smaller backpack/bag or carry more other stuff in your current bag - more lenses if you like.

I still have my D850 and use that only for tracking BIF, for all other duties the Z7 and kit is better for my use. I recently took the Z7 kit to NZ where I took 4000+ photos and it never missed a beat or any photos of birds that I wanted to get and was brilliant, much easier to lug around and get the photos I wanted. My only wish was that Nikon had released the fabulous little 14-30 f4S before I went as I had to put up with the 16-35 f4 VR, which is OK, but nowhere near as good as the 14-30 f4S but also heavy and bigger.

As for cost. You can also sell off your other gear. I also think Ted's now does trade ins or will take in cameras and lenses if you want to sell it to them.

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