Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

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Re: Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

ANAYV wrote:

eidetic_photog wrote:

My wife and I are headed to England and Scotland for two weeks in September, and while I will always have my iPhone Xs with me, I am trying to decide what "pocket" camera I should take if any. I will also be taking my Nikon Z6 for days that I intend to do a lot of shooting, but I do not feel like carrying it around everyday.

I currently own a Panasonic LX7 and a Fuji X70, and I have traveled with both. I can honestly say that I have been impressed and satisfied with the images from both. I even have printed a 24"x36" image on canvas from a CROP of a photo in Venice taken with my LX7 that everyone that comes to my house seems to love, but I am thinking about upgrading to the LX100 II for the additional resolution.

My question to any of the LX100 II users here is whether you think that it is a big enough step up from both the LX7 and X70. What other pros and cons can you think of compared to the other cameras I mentioned?

Thanks in advance.

Resolution is not a huge gain, if main reason for moving up to the LX100.

I think it takes 4x the pixel count to double the resolution.

(20MP is twice as much as 5MP , not 4x, for instance. )

In lower light conditions the LX100II will be much better.

I owned the LX3 and LX7..but not the LX100/II.


That's a great point. The resolution of the LX100 II is not that far ahead of the LX7 (17MP vs 10.1MP) but its sensor is much bigger giving it better low light performance and dynamic range, Compared to the X70, it is trickier. The X70 has comparable resolution (16MP vs 17MP) with an even larger sensor. The downside to the X70 is the lack of a zoom lens since there are times when using your feet to get closer or farther is not practical or not possible.

I think that this is why the LX100 II is so attractive to me. It seems like the best of both of these cameras or at least a nice compromise between the two.

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