AI is just around the corner.

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Re: AI is just around the corner.

stevo23 wrote:

Crash N Burn wrote:

I'm looking forward to this development. Just yesterday, there was a beautiful, partly cloudy sky--you know, the kind with puffy white clouds through with a deep blue sky peeked.

My smartphone did a much better job nailing the exposure than my DSLR. Now, even though I bracketed the exposures, aligned them, then gave them the royal treatment in Aurora HDR, the result was still inferior. I got the greens wrong (at first they looked radioactive, then when I reduced their saturation and luminosity, they looked off somehow).

I guess these programs give users "enough rope to hang themselves with."

Smartphones neatly sidestep this. Hopefully, AI in cameras will help future users do so as well.

Is this tongue in cheek? Which smartphone are you talking about?

He's about as serious as AOC, Bag of Rocks, Clunker, Cloven Hoof, Qui, buybuybuy, etc, etc, and etc. can be.

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