Star Reduction in Photoshop workflow

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Re: How about GNU?

chris gunn wrote:

Anyone know if there is a GNU equivalent for the "Minimum Filter"?

There is "Erode", bit it's not adjustable.

The closest approximation I've found so far in GIMP 2.10 is Filter>Distorts>Value Propogate, with the "Mode" set to "More Black." Following Rudy's tutorial and using that filter in place of "Minimum," my results have fallen short of complete success, but here's an image (Rosette Nebula), with the left side processed, and the right side left alone. This wasn't a great image to begin with, and didn't benefit at all from .jpg conversion for purposes of uploading here, but I chose it for testing because it had lots of stars.

For this image, I found that moving the "Propogating Rate" down to 0.6 seemed to produce the best result. The maximum for that value (also the default) is 1.0, but I that produced dark fringes around remaining stars that seemed a bit too intense. This image had a bit too much of that effect too begin with, so the default might have been acceptable with a better-quality image.

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