Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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The way I did it.

raymondg wrote:

I am travelling again soon and my usual travel kit is a D800E with 3 lenses that cover 14mm-200mm (14-24 f2.8, 24-120 F4 and 70-200f4) . I am bemoaning the fact that Nikon does not make an 14-24 f4 so I could have a little less weight as this lot weighs around 3.6kg

So I thought what if I went mirrorless and got the 14-30 F4, 24-70 F4 and an adaptor for the 70-200f4? That would give me a full F4 kit and hopefully save some space and weight. However, it would set me back around $8,000 AUD.

So I added up the weight and with a couple of extra batteries for the ML due to reduced number of shots, the weight is virtually the same (3.0kg with extra batteries). The difference being only around 600gm. That's about $167 AUD per gram. Hmmmmm?

Hard to justify the spend for very little gain.

I suspect that it's not the same way I would go about it, but that's not particularly relevant.    The fact that you've recognized an issue and considered a solution is the key.

I traveled for several decades with what was the current equivalent of your exact same kit.  Ion August in Mexico and February in the UK.  Stuffed it all in a backpack and didn't think much about it.

I'm 71 now, and I've been slowly cutting down on stuff for a rather long time.  Every trip the pack gets a bit lighter

And the interesting thing is that I've not noticed I'm missing anything in my images.  Quite the contrary, the quality of my photos has been steadily increasing.

Equipment improvements are certainly a part of this, as is my gaining more experience.  But I personally feel he image quality improvement is in large part a result of my increased mobility and a heavier concentration on composition, lighting, subject matter, and all the artsy stuff that doesn't get discussed much on DPR.

My recent favorite load out has been one high resolution and three small and lightweight primes, a 28, a 50, and an 85.  I have not felt I was missing anything and the trip itself has ben more enjoyable.  A single midrange zoom would accomplish the same goal.

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