Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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Re: I think that this is the issue facing Nikon ML

raymondg wrote:

If you are faced with buying a whole new system then why stay with Nikon? Cost, features, weight or just wanting something new may drive the decision in a different direction

I am not at all brand loyal and never feel the need to stick with a particular brand when investing in a new system. I even gave you an example of how I bought and loved an Olympus setup. I am honestly a bit confused by this question.

In my case I would rather spend the money on going medium format rather than getting basically the same again for lots of $$$s.

You didn't give any indication of this, at all, in your initial post. You actually seemed to give a very clear indication that you wanted to stay as close to your current setup as you could, you simply wanted to shave some weight.

Doesn't make sense for me. The benefits are just not there for those photogs with a number of cameras and a collection of lenses.

I am honestly not sure what you mean by this.

BTW, the TC won't work and even if it did the 2 stops loss would rule it out.

The change in equivalent aperture is obviously not ideal for everyone, but given that you introduced this topic as  a "travel solution" and said a few things that would indicate that your priority was not large aperture but instead was maximum focal range coverage, I assumed it wouldn't be a big deal.

Also, the idea for a teleconverter was more about the concept than it was about needing to work with that exact lens and camera, since you were looking into potentially getting into a new system, anyway. The idea being that teleconverters help increase coverage without having to lug around another lens; great for travel purposes.

I guess we are just speaking different languages, with this. Sorry I couldn't help. Hopefully someone else can offer more assistance than I can.

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