Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

fferreres wrote:

Since nature is “round”, the eye cones are “rounded” and the observation from the previous poster, I was wondering if our camera sensors wells are square, and if the film noise could be interpreted (perceptually) as having more resolution. After all it seems that film is building the scene with little circles. The grain, if any is visible at certain magnification, if always circles, never squares.

In ink-jet printing it will always be circular blobs of ink splattered around to give the impression of the content of the pixel that is in that position. It is no longer "square" or "round" but a pseudo random mist of tiny droplets, that then may disperse into the layers of the print medium to deliver a smoother result.

The data that comes from the sensor has no squareness to it, it is simply data about luminance and colour from each plotted pixel position. How it is represented after that can change.

On a monitor the pixels are rectangular (3 RGB rectangular pixels to make up a square pixel on the screen) but you will only see that up really close and only see the camera's pixel representation if you have 100% display, that is simply like looking at a 5 foot wide print with your nose against it, a bit unrealistic don't you think?

I totally fail to understand how the eye's rods and cones can have any interaction with the pixels that the camera produces. The eye is constantly moving and scanning and the brain does 90% of the work by interpreting what the eye gathers into some sensible version of vision.

If you are seeing square pixels in a print then that's extremely bad printing.

Regards.... Guy

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