Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

mcslsk wrote:

NotAPhotog wrote:

mcslsk wrote:

I guess I would be interested in a new full frame body that is smaller than the A7I/II/III

What good is such a small body if most fast, quality lenses are big and heavy?

In comparison with what?

Samyang 24 and 35mm f2.8 - compact, light, and sharp wide open in the case of the 35mm

Unfortunately only in the case of the 35.

Which is exactly what I said?

Sony 28 f2 - relatively compact, light, decent optics and about equivalent to the APS-C Sigma 30mm f1.4

By far not as sharp wide open and down to f4.

True, I own the Sigma 30mm and I am very happy with it's performance.

However, the 28mm f2 has 100% native AF when shooting stills or video. It's also pretty light and compact. Again, no other full frame mirrorless system in existence has anything that compares in terms of weight and size.

The rumored Sigma 45mm f2.8 is supposed to be a "pancake" lens too, but of course we'll have to wait and see.

Then there's the FE ZA 35mm f2.8, which is compact, sharp, and still cheaper than than the ripoff Zony 24mm.

Good lens, but the Samyang performs better.

...and is cheaper as well. The best lenses don't have to be super expensive or the biggest.

No other mirrorless full frame system in existence has any resemblance of "compact" lenses. It could change, and I hope it does, but your state of "fast, quality" lenses being "big and heavy" just isn't accurate.

Well, the lenses you have mentioned are mostly 28/35. You can throw in the 55/1.8 and even the FE85/1.8. But that is pretty much it when size matters.

Well both lenses are pretty compact, sharp, and relatively affordable in regards to the 85mm f1.8. Again, the best lenses don't have to be big, expensive and heavy.

As far as zoom goes, native Sony zooms are big and expensive but then you've got the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 which bucks the trend. Again, no other FFML system has an alternative.

edit: Don't forget the Samyang 45mm f1.8, which isn't exactly sharp wide open but better once you stop down. It's also compact and affordable.

If you wantto restrict yourself to those lenses (and let's not even talk about zoom lenses), your compact FF is already available: The original a7. Perfect with Samyang 35/2.8.

Well as I said above relatively compact and inexpensive zoom lens are out there for Sony.

My point is, there are quality lenses out there that are compact, have decent optics (some are even pretty sharp), and are pretty affordable. They might not be the best but in some cases they're not far off.

Again, the only full frame announcement I would be interested in as an APS-C shooter would be an even more compact full frame camera. There are quite a lot of compact, inexpensive and decent performing lenses to go with such a camera. Again, I would only be interested in this camera if it at least had the FPS, video capability and flip screen of the A6400. ...and again, I doubt we'll see it because of product overlap.

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