Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

Guy Parsons wrote:

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

I heard, read and saw that film has an equivalent resolution of 3 MP.

That figure is a bit low. From my experience with 35mm film and experiments comparing film to early digital cameras, I came to the conclusion that at about 10MP digital equalled film. Olympus later said 10 to 12MP was the target to beat 35mm film.

In practice (usually then printing for camera club competitions) it worked out that at 8MP digital looked better than film due to the cleaner result. But digital files when printing definitely have a hard size limit where they just looked "empty" if printed too large, while film printed too large had all that lovely grain to hide the fact that the resolution wasn't there.

I'm PP your colour shot for several days now to have a benchmark next time I go out.

thank you

Frankly, it's beyond me why anyone would want to mess up a digital image to make it as bad as film.

Regards.... Guy

Quick question, is there any process to transform from pixel (squares) to circles?

Obviously, a sensitive 2D surface which isn’t a grid will register things as circles, without any alignment to horizontal or vertical grids. But in a camera, they would be aligned. However, on paper, and in our retina where the rods and cones are not square but more akin to circles, we could say that film “look” more real in a sense, or more pleasing. The act of being made of circles matches our neuronal functions. Is there a process to scale things in a way that treats squares as circles? For example, each pixel is a circle that don’t overlap but where they don’t we place a circle that the average of the four adjacent ones (maybe not covering all of it just a good portion) which leaves I little still uncovered, and again we average on each axis the new dot with those 2 adjacent in that axis, and use a smaller dot there, etc? Would this look better if printed large?

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