Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

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Re: Multiple Options for a First Lens paired with a Sony A7iii

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Get the Tamron 28-75mm/2.8 to start off as your only lens, then add to that when you get the funds and know what you need to supplement the zoom. Can't think you would be able to effectively cover all the things you mention (short films, some medium sized event coverage in both photo and video, and the casual street/travel photography) with a single prime.

A somewhat more expensive alternative which may or may not be in the OP's budget is the 24-105G - it's a solid lens. Slower, but more versatile as far as zoom ranges.

The OP also mentions using Canon bodies in the past - the question then is:

1) What Canon glass do they have

2) Does their budget for a new body/glass assume selling the old Canon gear, or is that still around?

The OP might be well served by a Metabones if they have a strong Canon glass investment.

I honestly would never get the Metabones and I would get the Sigma MC-11 for $150 (very common deal that comes and goes) instead. Metabones is overpriced and I honestly think that the Sigma is the perfect Canon adapter, and works better.

But, again, I also honestly think that as the "first lens" I would never go with an adapter lens. You loose a lot of the "power" of the camera body that way.

Sony 24-105 or Tamron 28-75 are the best choices. It is more like if you care more about the focal lengths or the aperture. I am more concerned on the aperture because I think it gives me more options than the extra focal length, but, it is me

DPReview actually did a comparison of the Metabones IV (I think as the most current at the time) vs the MC-11, and they found the MB IV works faster with Canon glass and MC-11 works better for Sigma glass.

You can find the video here:

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