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Only as a batch of prototypes not for sale.

Those prototypes were a strong influence on me in buying into the NX system because of the strong possibilities for a professional APSc system they portended for the future.

But as we all know, we were coned.

I saw a Samsung product the other day that I actually once would easily have considered buying. Basically equal quality and price, I bought their competitor's product instead.

I've bought loads of Samsung products since finding out the NX line was discontinued. As frustrated as I was, I still like a lot of samsung products and I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face.

Do you really sometimes consider cutting off your nose, or should your reply be reconsidered. I choose my words carefully and I repeat: "Basically equal quality and price, I bought their competitor's product instead." If Samsung made a definitive better product, I may consider it. Part of the problem is, as competition and processes tighten among OEMs, Samsung doesn't make very many definitive better products these days. So for the majority of products, there is no reason to consider them, and my face will be just fine. You of course can do as you please.

It's just a turn of phrase, not to be taken literally, which it seems sadly you have done.

Not really, you just didn't get it. The irony continues further along in my reply. But enough of that, so I will once again repeat myself, "You of course can do as you please."


In the cases where I have bought Samsung, I haven't done so because of the brand but because they've offered something unique, or better, or cheaper. If everything was equal I may still choose them as generally they make solid products.

Whatever, I still don't think you got that it wasn't to be taken literally. Anyway, if you read it carefully you'd see that I was referring to myself and my own choices, and that I would still consider Samsung in cases where they offer something either better, cheaper or unique, which has been the case on numerous occasions.

If you want to rule them out because of their decision to withdraw from the camera market then that's of course ok, but personally I wouldn't want to limit my options. Out of interest though, do you still use any NX equipment or is there another reason you still come on to this forum?

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